Thursday, July 03, 2014

Superheroes Fight In KL (Sinkhole In KL)

Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Transformers, Ultraman, Godzilla.. you name it. They have all come to KL. Yes, you heard it right. Of all the cities in the world, they stopped at the heart of Truly Asia.. to fight!

And they caused one super big sinkhole in the city!

This sinkhole happened on 2nd July. Just look at the damage!

Now these are the "culprits"..

King Kong!


  1. Thor: I have no plans to die today.

The Incredible Hulk: Leave me alone.

  1. Iron Man: You know, it's times like these when I realize what a superhero I am.

Optimus Prime: How many more of my kind must be sacrificed?
Galvatron: We will meet again, Prime... for I am reborn! 

Optimus Prime: You leave me no choice, brother!

Ultraman: #$%^!&^%%$@#@!!!

Talking bout sinkhole.. all these superheroes must have envied the Batman sinkhole in Pavilion recently, celebrating the 75 years anniversary of yes my superhero!!

“It’s not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us.”

*The sink hole is for real. Check out: Underground tunnel at Jalan Pudu - Jalan Hang Tuah intersection collapses

*Photos credits from various online sources.

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