Monday, October 14, 2013

OMG, Bear Paw Restaurant!

What a bear restaurant? That's so.. kawaii (cute)!! I must go visit!!

That's the first thing that came to my mind when I heard bout this restaurant from a friend.

Love the big bold welcoming sign from the outside. But don't be scared - inside is all kawaii. 

And so there I was a few days later.

I really didn't know what to expect - I can't expect bear meat (of any sort), right?

Couldn't resist taking this pic.. with the cute teddy bear at the counter

And well, obviously I was right (damn!). The other thing I got right - well, they did put in some effort of being kawaii.. more like the Asian style cuteness, which I believe is rather appealing :P There's some bears - like stuffed bear at the counter and bear frames too.

But one thing I got wrong is that Bear Paw operates more like a "fast food" concept rather than a take-order cafe. But I guess for its price, that's okay. 

And well on the food, the main specialty are those burger like meat buns.. each with a bear paw marked on it! The food was decent in taste and I guess in size too - no, it's not really for the bear eaters!

Bear lovers like my buddy obviously love the place here :P

On the whole, I'm not complaining. I love bear stuff and to those into all things bears stuff will probably at least visit here once - if not for the food, at least the concept.

Me - I don't mind coming back too.. for the same reason :)

*Realised that Bear Paw originates from Taiwan. Ah why am I not surprised - after all, Taiwan is home to the "bears"!

*Bear Paw is located at SS15. The same row as McDonald's.

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