Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Was On TV Commercial (KL Eco Film Festival)

I should have shared this earlier.

Yes, I really should.

For it's good news. I mean, appearing on a TVC is always good news to anyone in it! :)

And yes, I was. Yes, I appeared in the KL Eco Film Festival 2013 promo TVCs which were shot way earlier this year. I must emphasize the way earlier lah - cos I think I was chubbier then haha!

Anyway, I didn't know bout this TVC till not too long ago.. just a few weeks before the festival itself was held. Apparently, one friend of mine saw it - and mentioned that I appeared in it.

So well, here is me in my 1st TVC appearance!

Oh and so you know - this was taken like way early in the morning - like 7am or so.. and I didn't had enough sleep! :P

Btw, here's another version of their promo.

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