Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Love: KL! Teaser Poster

Hey peeps check this out!

This is our first teaser poster released! (Wow, I feel like we are those big studios releasing such.. haha!!).

Btw this is the 6 main leads - Lez Ann (playing Tiffany), myself (playing Ben), Sheena (playing Bianca), Mikael (playing Mark), Mei Sze (playing Kristene) and Fufu (playing Dustin).

I love the poster, and proud of it :)

Owh btw did u know that this poster is done with an iPhone app - Phoster? Yea, cool huh!! (and how convenient too!).

More poster teasers and updates coming soon!!! Owh and stay tuned for video teasers and trailer too!! :))

*Series will be shown on our channel: and also on our site Superboyz.TV .


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