Monday, May 28, 2012

Char Siew So Good (Toast & Roast @ SS2)

Have you ever tried char siew (roasted pork) so good that it melts in your mouth?

Well I've tasted some really yummy siew yok (BBQ pork) before..but not char siew.

However this restaurant is different. While it serves siew yok, but the killer must try is the char siew!

This restaurant is located in the quiet side of SS2.. somewhere behind the Tropicana mall. I wouldn't have known here if not for my friend bringing me here.

But the surprise is - there's no long queues or having to wait for tables.. something rather expected for a food so good!

"You sure the char siew here is that good?"

Well, we let the food do the talking. And true enough, the char siew literally melt in the mouth! Wow!

That is one of the best char siews I've tasted so far!!

Btw, apart from the char siew, the restaurant also serves taugeh (bean sprouts), Hakka noodles, siew yok and even curry (yet to try that).

Owh and it also serves my favorite drink - the lemongrass (with lime). Not the best of lemongrass but good enough.

So well, for a good breakfast, lunch or brunch (Im usually here for that.. haha!), you know where to head to!! :)

No 20, Jalan SS2/ 72
Petaling Jaya

Opens daily 830am - 430pm. Closed on Tuesdays.


  1. know this... walking distance from my place.. but seldom go there.. haha

  2. This is nice review! Restaurant seems to make good food, on this photos it looks beautiful...


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