Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I Flew A Plane (In KL)!!

When I was young, one of my ambition was to be a pilot. I went as far as going for interview with Singapore Airlines and selected to go for the final interview..

However I didn't pursue it further as I was already in the uni by then..

So the thought of me flying the plane was slim.. well not until just a few weeks back!

Yeap, hear me right - I flew a plane!! Haha!!

Oh yeah, I was the co pilot, flying above the skies of Kay El & Pea Jay! In fact I flew so close to the city centre of where the twin towers is!!

At some moments, that short time feels like I was in a movie. I imagined how action heroes uses planes to fly away.

At the other times, I felt happy seeing this new city I live in. For it is - Besutiful!

And the other times, I was a lil nervous - as a lil turn on the steering wheel really movies the aircraft.

But all in all, that was one fun experience - and for relishing an ambition I once have :)

Owh, and will I do this again? Most likely so - but maybe another bigger one next time round!! :)

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