Friday, November 04, 2011

Get Out In 10 Minutes Or We Will Charge You (Wonstar Hotel Taipei)

I'm not overly particular when it comes to hotels. My requirement is simple - decent, and 'value for money'.

Most of the times I've stayed in hotels that meet that criteria.. But this time round, there was one hotel in Taipei - the Wonstar (Songshan) went rather overboard.

On the check in day, I reached bout 1.5hours earlier (than 3pm) and was asked to wait till exactly 3pm. Okay, maybe they are fully booked and need time to clean the room so.. okay.

Now what happened the next day - I first got a call at 11am reminding me of the 12pm check out time.

Then at 1150am, I got another call which went something like this:
Reservation: Please note your check out time is 12pm.
Me: Yes I know. Just give me 10 minutes.
Reservation: You got to come now. If more than 10 minutes, we will charge you.

Well luckily I was quite ready to check out. And was just bout 3 minutes past 12 as I checked out.

This wasn't a pleasant experience. Not for the over RM300+ (TWD3000+) per night they charged.

I definitely won't be back to this hotel. And thought I'll just warn the other travelers to Taipei too. For we definitely don't want such experience to mar a beautiful holiday :)

Luckily I only stayed 1 night!

*The breakfast ________ too, and the room was just okay.. Which are things I can close my eyes on. But that phone call.. well it deserves a review! Haha!!

The window view from the hotel.. a lil pricey for the view. 

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