Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One Year Has Passed: My Life In KL

It's roughly the similar time last year that I moved from Singapore to Pea Jay. Yes, it was about sometime this year that I experienced the Hungry Ghost, ate boxful of mooncakes & had a festive Raya!

Now, that all of these season are back, I know that I've been making Pea Jay home for about a year or so... and so far, life has been amazing here! Now, let me recall some happy memories...

Cakap Cakap KL (& other unique KL stuff)!
I've had some very interesting moments from being told that I speak with a slang, being asked to speak Canto (& not Mando), learning the KL talk, and a list of other incidents which bit by bit made me less a KL virgin (like listening to KL Canto stations, double parking, or even exchanging car park tickets!) haha!!!

Unique to Malaysia, I started to like some bold unique T-shirts - from pasar malam or the malls (yeah, locally made!).. so started my collection of these t-shirts.

I also enjoy just lepak-ing in the many malls in Kay El - with one of my biggest awe going to this boutique style mall, The Empire Shopping Gallery.

Now, I won't say sunsets are unique to KL (definitely not), but it's the past 1 year that I think I watched the most sunsets in my life since schooldays (and am loving it!).

Bar Hopping!
More like bar-ing for I didn't go that often or as much I think I would have.. However in that 'little' bar-ing that I went, I managed to go to some of the best bar in Kay El - SkyBar, its rival Luna Bar, and G Six. As much as I like these, but I also like the club Opera.. at Sunway! (Sunway really showed the way!)

Seeing Stars & Meeting Personalities!
In & around Kay El, for work or future work, I participated in a few events, meeting some really cool personalities..

Meeting Norman KRU at MSC's event. A fan of he & his 2 brothers (KRU), this was quite a pleasant surprise.

Meeting Ekin Cheng at the press conference for his movie launch. I've always wanted to meet him - and it came true! (next, hopefully to work with him someday! - act in a movie together? hehe).

Meeting Lea Salonga for her performance in KL... Pinoy power continues, and I'm glad I saw one of the many talented Asians who made it globally.

Others I've met include John Stevenson (Director Kung Fu Panda), Joanna Bessey (actress from once super popular Malaysia sitcom Kopitiam), interesting writer Hishamuddin Rais, & Singapore actors Neo Swee Lin (the Ah Ma in Phua Chu Kang) & hubby Lim Kay Siu.

Holidays Beyond KL!

With KL being the heart & centre of Malaysia, I've managed to make some good trips out of the city too - to the likes of beach paradise Cherating (say ahhh...) & up north to makan makan & jalan jalan Penang.

And of course, not to forget, my many jalan jalan to Kuala Selangor, which are short escapades for me from the pressure sometimes.

Food, Oh Glorious Kay El Food!

Other good things in life in PJ & KL - ah, the good food - like the extra yummy hokkien mee @ Petaling Street to my first time eating claypot lou siu fan...! (also at Petaling Street or one more at Taman Tun).

Other good food I've tried that I really like - chili pan mee, KL roast duck, musang king durian and the popular Ramly burger (with the one in Uptown being my super favourite!).

Cool Kay El Memories! Brrr!

honeymoond dessert
Oh and how not to forget the day I tried Honeymoon dessert during 'winter season'.., flooding me with memories of cool Shanghai! I can still remember my joy having this mango coconut drink for the very first time in Kay El... ! (I'm sure it was just the same like a young kid getting candies for the first time!).

snow kl
And talking bout cool yeah, I've actually saw snow in Kay El! Caya!

So, one year of good memories... like I always believe that in the end, it's the memories that count. Life has been good, and I'm grateful for this..

And I'm hoping to continue the many super cool & memorable memories in for the year to come, in my now home, Pea Jay (& Kay El!).


  1. okie now then i know u're from Singapore aye? lol! glad that u r loving ur new home. go get girl from there too! or perhaps johor there? *wink wink* mwahahaha

  2. caroline : quachee is malaysia :)

    well i wanna go to the bars :) know what to do right?? lol

    awwwww i want hokkien mee for supper now... :p

    more to go in KL ya... we still have to carry out our projects XD

  3. Ahh...what a pleasant post to read~ ^^ Hehe..through this, we get to know a little more about the amazing QuaChee~ Keep those lovely posts coming, ya? We love to read and be inspired by it~ xD

  4. I hope I can live a life like yours bro. :D

  5. Oh! You have some similarity with Ekin! Haha!

  6. wow...that is such a fantastic year...I too wish to have such life..meeting ppl and all that...hmmm

  7. I so minat Ekin last time... :D

    I've met Joanna too :)

    Psst.. I've met Ramly da burger too.. Me very SUKA! I have yet to meet chili pan mee.. heard so much bout it though..

  8. well, im not yet 1 year, another 3 months hehe

    so far, kay-el is full of cars, traffic jams n road accidents, tolls, tolls after jams lol u can see how often i am on the roads >.<

    but there is also dvds at pasar malam, bfm radio, karaoke, rm20 haircuts, wan ton mee, pan mee, so life is good in kay-el~

    xoxo ann


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