Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Adapting To KL: KL Talk

Coming to KL, everything seems fresh & new for me... and here are some new slang/ words I've heard over the past months. See if some of these tickle your funny bones:

1. Kureng
A more sarcastic word to replace kurang/ kurang sedikit (remember to emphasis the reng!). Eg
Shopping mall tu ramai orang tak?

2. Ok lor
I know this is very Manglish, but I hear this a lil too often. Everything seems just ok - lor, hardly good/ great, bad?

3. New age Christian
A friend mentions he believes in Jesus & also reincarnation... (no offence, Christians!)

4. Ape cer
Forget the formal Apa khabar. To hang out with the youth, go for the shorter ape cer (stands for Apa cerita?)

5. I dunno
I thought the words "I'll try" is bad. But this bo-chap phrase is definitely worse - and can get you in hot soup!

There's quite a few more I've heard, but can't seem to remember them now.... maybe for the next installment... or maybe, I'll share some funny Singlish next! :)


  1. Haa, interesting about the kuReng. There's a ton more which have been modified with the influx of outstation peeps coming to KL. Not the same anymore and seriously, I prefer the old school bahasa 'pasak'.

    Malaysia Asia

  2. Hahaha :D I love Malaysia & everything that revolves around it. :p

  3. haha... welcome to the real world of KL. Kinda reminds me of music - morphing all the time. Evolution in the works.


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