Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love Your Job: Be A Pro, Not A Worker

Do you realise some people just love their job... and seem to do so well in them? Well, one reason is most likely how the person takes on his work - where one differentiates himself as a professional rather than just another worker.

If you are already loving your job, great - do keep it up!

Otherwise, here are some golden rules you can apply to have a better loving job:
1. Enjoy your work, as part of your life.
2. Take responsibility of your own success & the organisation you are working for.
3. Be partners to your company, not workers.
4. Take intelligent risks, accepting failure as a fair price for opportunity to grow.
5. See the big picture of your organisation - and how your role plays in it.
6. Be industry experts in your own field - keeping abreast with the latest knowledge & development.

Well, there you have it.. some very simple rules to change your ordinary jobs to something more rewarding & inspiring! :)

*Some of these points are from an article I read recently, written by Nido Qubein, an international speaker & consultant.


  1. thanks... ya for sharing this summary from the article :) company is our second home too... gotta treat colleagues nice like our siblings and boss like parents... and no office politics ><

  2. Like foongpc's latest entry, give 100%. tQ

  3. Wow...this is especially true for those who always thought their working life sucks! :)

  4. Great reminder, QC. I like points 5 & 6. Thanks for sharing.


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