Monday, October 26, 2009

Manila Chinatown

manila chinatown kalesaThe journey to Manila's Chinatown started with quite a style - where I got on to this kelesa (horse carriage). I found this very unique and proud that this mode of transportation is still very much alive in the Philippines.

manila chinatown entranceThe ride was smooth and fresh (after the rain). I was then headed into the gates of the oldest overseas Chinatown in the world! (established in 1594 - wow!).

manila chinatown shopThe Chinatown here is similar to most Chinatowns I've been - extremely busy and a little bit cluttered. But it is these that gives the Chinatown its atmosphere. The one difference is the horse carts and the tricycles around. Plus the mixture of Tagalog & Chinese words.

manila chinatown philippinesAnd again, like most Chinatowns, there were many shops selling variety of things from jewelery to dried food & fruits. There was also a temple which had a Chinese opera. That sure tops the Chinese-ness of this Chinatown :)

manila chinatown ling nam wanton parlor chinese foodApart from sightseeing, the must do thing here is obviously to try some local Chinese food. Tried the noodles at this Ling Nam Wanton Parlor restaurant. However, it was the pau that I was more interested in. Firstly for its sheer size (it's as big as the plam) and secondly, it's quite yummy! They sure know what is tua pau - big pau!

manila chinatown foodThough somewhat full, however, after some bit of walk, I made another food stop at the Ongpin Manosa restaurant to try out more goodies (apparently this restaurant was featured somewhere, hence a should-try). But, like it says - food won't taste that good when one is full.

The trip to this small (only 1 square kilometer) but unique Chinatown was a good eye opener to see how distinct yet adaptable the Chinese are whereever they migrate to.

The Chinatown gives that feeling of Chines-ness yet it's a rather different feel from the more familiar Chinatowns back home... which most likely is because of that touch of Filipinas :)


  1. I wanna eat d "ta pao" too. LOL :D War...the place really have this chinese feeling huh!

  2. Dun why the so-called China Town all around the world are places that must be visited. LOL... Nice pic btw :D

  3. Wow, QuaChee!

    It's good that you liked our Chinatown here in the Philippines. Hope you didn't miss the Kaisa Angelo King Museum.

    I'm glad you enjoyed.


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