Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy To Inspire

I recently met a fellow Malaysian whose one of his aim in life is to promote & help his fellow countrymen succeed. Which to me is a very inspiring goal :)

Aniway, as we met last nite, he mentioned that it was inspiring to see a reasonaly young person coming out with a book and having it being acknowledged by the Prime Minister :)

Well, those words were really encouraging and I'm happy that I'm able to inspire others - which is what I really like to do. These words really keep me on track that what I'm doing is noticed haha :)

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  1. hey, yeah..
    actually when i first read your blog i thought your career is an inspiration to everyone given this young age..that made me your reader haha in hoping that will inpire me..
    keep it up. and be strong no matter how the winds try to blow you away. Like a tree who i happen to see sometimes. Though in the middle of the small hill and its structure is the bending kind of tree,it still stays strong with it's outstretch branch as if welcoming people and whatever obstacles the weather might test on it. "Here i am, im happy. Hit me and i'm still strong! " haha..
    through heat and rain! yeah yeah dat's the spirit!


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