Monday, March 12, 2007

Congratulations! Everything's Possible

I was back in Malaysia over the weekend, and was watching the telecast of the men's doubles finals...

It was really a superb match displayed by both teams. And I must add that I am very proud and inspired to see my country's players playing so well - and to lift the title after a 25 years wait for Malaysia!

Seeing them play and reading about their past performances just makes me so inspired - imagine this is a duo who have just paired off in 6 months and have won 3 titles in 5 competitions they entered (one time as runner up, and another as semi-finalists). Their record speaks for themselves.

What inspires me is that this is a duo that have beaten the odds to show that everything is possible - for they are young both in age and as a new pair, but that didn't stop them from being champs! Apart from the right combination, I think their desire to succeed also plays a part in them.

And if we really can emulate in any way possible, I'm sure we too will be champs in our own courts! :)

Congratulations Koo - Tan, and congratulations Malaysia (really a celebration for your 50 years of your birthday!)

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