Monday, March 05, 2007

Going Back To The Heart

There's a new web project that I'm embarking ( a new idea that came to my mind quite recently. To me, just like any other ideas, it is a good one with lots of prospects :)

So, after the idea, the next stage was planning and execution. And this is the part which can be quite exhausting at times as there is a need for lots of brainwork.

Hence, it was no surprise that my friend said I looked a lil worned out when I met him recently. He mentioned that to get back to the high energy level, is to get back to the reason, the passion and the drive of the whole idea when we first conceptualised - why the idea is good, and its prospects.

And the way to do so, is really to go to our hearts and feel it.

It was quite a surprise that by talking to him, and listening to his advise, his words got me all excited again. And though physically tired, I was enerergised mentally.

Truly by going back to the heart, I felt the excitement and could then see that the work ahead is the process of getting to the birth of the idea. And by visualing the creation, it just makes me light!

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