Monday, October 02, 2006

Living Life The Fullest

Recently, a close friend's relative passed away. The family was sad for her departure. But I told my friend not to be sad or discouraged, because while she was alive, she lead a very happy life.

The incident left me wondering as to how fragile life is and what do we actually want to achieve?

I think the right answer will be: to have no regrets. And in that, I mean living life to the fullest - daring to dream (or in some cases, to dream again), doing the best in everything that we do, giving all our best - heart, mind and soul.

We need not do huge & big stuff, but as long as whatever we do (be it in family, career, work, relationship, etc), we do it because we want to, and put all our passion for it.

Going back to my friend's relative, I could see she lead a wonderful life, whereby altough missed by her family members and friends, but they all can proudly say with a smile - that she lived her life fullest...

Let's too live a life that have no regrets - living life the fullest, and the best we could! Thumbs Up

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