Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Enjoy the MOMENTS... Live the JOURNEY

I have friends who have been telling me that their lives are like a 'roller-coaster ride' - where it can go up and also at the same time go down.

I do think that that is quite true in life. I've been experiencing that myself. There are times in my life that I feel on top of the world, and I can just let my hands loose, feel the breeze - that sense of success and accomplishment. That moment of greatness... I always imagine myself on top of a high mountain overlooking the horizon, with sunset sky in orange, gold and purple. Wow! These can be big accomplishments for me, or even getting some small work done, or some things moving.

As much as there are those good moments, there are times too when I can be badly affected when I face some obstacles - especially those that pull the carpet right under my feet. As much as I don't want these to happen, but they do appear in my life.

But, what I would like to share is that whatever it is - good and bad is only for, but a moment. The unwanted bad thing might have had happened, but then it's a past. Rather than be bogged by it, I will ask 'What can we do to improve the situation?' 'Any solutions? ', 'What can we learn from that mistake?'

And so are the good times. When we achieve success, let's enjoy it - feel that energy, that sense of empowerment. Go on and have a good time! For that too is only for the moment, which will soon become a past achievement. And hence, we need to continuosly search for new accomplishments. Of course, the discipline, and experience that we've gained will always be good tools for the future.

This relates to the saying that 'life is not a destination, but a journey'. When I first heard this, I didn't paid much attention to it. But after some time, I slowly began to understand it, and now I believe that it is so true!

This makes me to strive to enjoy whatever I do - and no matter what situation happens. It's not easy especially if things go wrong - or if the setbacks are pretty major. But I hope to just learn from mistakes and improve, and avoid being affected by it.

So, for me, this journey of mine is to be treasured - the whole experience. And I hope that you too will treasure your journey in life in your quest of achieving your goals and dreams, and as we mature for greater heights.

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