Saturday, February 08, 2014

Hotlink 4G Concert Giveaway Tickets!!

There’s a big celebration coming to town. All thanks to Maxis and the launch of the Hotlink 4G!

Yes, that’s right guys and girls.. Hotlink is treating their fans and users to one cool concert featuring the sexy HK based DJ Tenashar and Taiwanese hip hop band Da Mouth. Honestly, it’s one hot concert at Sunway Surf Beach not to be missed!

Seriously, DJ Tenasha is good enough an attraction to the concert!

But wait, there’s more. One of the cool hip hop groups from Taiwan is gonna be on stage with her too. I remember buying this group album a while back and loving it for they mix the soft Mando pop approach with the faster paced hip hop!

So well, these 2 acts are going on stage. Seriously? It will be oh-so hot!

Well, here’s the good news - you can win tickets to the concert. Yes, you read that right. 

Readers of this blog - you guys stand a chance to win a pair of VIP tickets (worth RM288 per ticket!) for you and your friend/ partner/ family member! I am choosing 5 winners! 

All you need to do - let me know why you would like to win the tickets. Seriously, how difficult is that right - to watch one sizzling hot concert haha! 

So, do let me know in the comments below - and I’ll personally pick the 5 best answers for the draw.

*Contest ends 10 Feb 2014. If you are the lucky one, I’ll contact you for your your IC number, phone number, email address so that you can collect the tickets at the Hotlink/Ticket counter upon arrival at the concert venue.

*Concert will be held on 15th Feb, at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach


  1. I would like to win the ticket because I love Da Mouth so much and this would be my 1st time to see them plus with dj tenashar both of them gonna rock the concert!!! And I'm Hotlink user with 4G super cool!

  2. Da mouth, one of the best in taiwan, always come out with new style, new concept and new direction in their music.
    I am looking forward as I am sure they will bring sparks and surprise in the concert!

    I cannot miss them this time!

  3. I want to win the tickets because I believe this concert will be super awesome and my friends and I want to be part of something as cool as this. DJ Tenashar looks super cute and cool and we can't wait to see her and experience her music! Same goes with Da Mouth. :D

    And oh, I don't mind partying with Micu and Steven also. :P

  4. omg i really hope i win ! i cant wait to see them live! this is gon be so awsome!!!!

  5. I wanna win the tickets very much!!! I'm a full big fans of Da Mouth, I like their songs for a long time! This time will be the first chance I can see them in Malaysia !!! What's more, I'm a college student who wants to enjoy a great concert to have a good experience during my college life~~. Pls make my dream comes true :)

  6. I still can't believe they are coming to Malaysia ! Would love to win these tix for this cool concert !


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