Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bear Polo Tee From Heehoo Fashion

Bear tees. Yes, I love them. Especially if they are cute. 

And well, recently, I came across this online store - Heehoo Fashion, selling a wide range of colourful polar bear polo tees. 

My favourite colour - blue!

In their website, they have up to 42 different colours! Yes, 42 colours - from different shades of yellow, to different shades of blue and so on. 

And I chose a few bright coloured ones - a blue, a yellow and a pink (can I say red? haha). Oh but amongst the bright colours, I also got one darker one - a black. All of them have the small bear on its left - and yes, that makes all the difference!

Btw, I took a few photos with all the different polo tees, and here they are. 

Somehow, pink is always cheerful :)

Black can look good

The yellow polo tee is so bright and nice! My favourite amongst them all!! :D

Well, I guess now I don't need to worry on what to wear on semi casual Fridays anymore. A polo tee a Friday.. for one whole month! Haha!

*Heehoo Fashion is available online at Heehoo Fashion. They actually have other stuff for Men, Women, and Kids too!


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