Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chicken Wings From Wong Ah Wah Restaurant Jalan Alor

Remember I was in Jalan Alor a few weeks back for some food hunt? Well I had wanted to try the famous chicken wings from Wong Ah Wah Restaurant.. but it was closed then (the chefs must have taken some long holiday perhaps?).

Anyway in my mind, I knew I had to try it someday. And that someday was just last Sunday.

This corner restaurant sits at the end of Jalan Alor - in between 2 carpark lots. This makes parking easy.

The place was a lil crowded when we arrived but we managed to find seats.

Looking around, we could see so many people ordering mountain-full plates of the chicken wings.

So as they took our orders, we ordered the must have chicken wings, KL hokkien mee, xiao bai cai vegetables and also the recommended mayonnaise toufu (beancurd).

We waited quite a while for the food to arrive - and I was getting hungry.

Eventually, the food arrived - the other dishes first..

The hokkien mee was good (probably not the best in town but in the yummy category), while the vegetables were a lil salty. The pleasant surprise was the mayonnaise toufu which was unique by itself (never had this before elsewhere).

Owh and finally while half way through dinner, the chicken wings came - all fat and juicy. Yes that's right. That's how to describe these chicken wings.

For unlike most rather thin ones sold at hawkers stalls, the wings here are succulent.. and cooked just nice (not burnt).

Well the verdict? Good lah of course. Definitely a place for both locals and even tourists who wants a taste of KL's good food!


  1. my all time fave chicken wing haunt. strangely...i never blogged about it. and even stranger... i learnt about this place from my Aussie pals when I was there for my holidays. LOL.

  2. My brother brought me to this place 2 years ago. Not bad at all. :D


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