Sunday, October 17, 2010

Im Batman!

Recently Ive been toying the idea of taking some cool studio shots. Spoke about this to my photography buddies Photogmao & JR from JRN Portraits, whom I'm working with for my current project (about that in another post, soon).. and the photography duo agreed for the shoot.

Wanting the shoot to be different, I thought of a theme for it and came up with the idea to make the theme be Superheroes.. for I do like superheroes anyway.

I conveyed this to them, and they agreed.. so, I brought along superheroes tees for the shoot.

And, here's the outcome. Yes, I am Batman! :)

quachee batmanThe shoot was pretty fun - with us trying a few different poses.. which we thought would relate to the theme Superheroes.. or in this case, Batman.

Btw, I think this pose above suits the t-shirt pose that Batman is in.

Apart from the poses which I worked with the photographers, I also like the play of shadows & also the blue colours in the photos which gives some feel to the whole Superhero theme... all I can say is "really cool lah!".

Btw, apart from the Superheroes shots, we also did a close up.. and here it is.

quachee malaysia media entrepreneur
Thank you, Photogmao & JR... you guys are cool!


  1. Wow...those are fabulous photos of you as Bruce Wayne, QuaChee!^^ I can see the similarities between the two of you~

    Haha....if only you're in black with a cape and of course in a mask'll be a 100% perfect looking Batman and make Kay El oh so proud! ;)

    Come on QuaChee, save Kay El!^^ It needs your talents and skills to grow and promote Malaysia's media industry to a higher, international level! All the best~ :D

  2. CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!! Awesome shots there QC! VERY VERY NICE! I likey :)

  3. Nicely done!! although a mask would be much more fun..LOL

    so when are we seeing shots of you in red underwear on the outside? XD

  4. wow batman quachee!!! like the shadow play a lot!!

  5. Eh QuaChee, faster post and blog about your latest Batman photos lar...the one where you wore the white blazer and the spectacles one~ You look very 'yao yeng' wor... ♥ Haha... :P


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