Monday, July 05, 2010

What I've Learnt The Past 6 Months

It's really unbelievable how time flies. It's now mid 2010 already. 

How has life been for you the past 6 months? Has the first half of 2010 been so-so, good or great?

For me, the past 6 months has been one big learning point. Well, most of my life has been so.. especially in my years as an entrepreneur. But the past 6 months has been somewhat different.. being a team leader now, and wanting to grow the business (I'd say an entrepreneur with feet more firmly on the ground, though my dreams are still very much alive). 

Anyway, here's some highlights of what I've learnt over the past 6 months:

1. Different people has different pull & push factors. We need to know what works for them.

2. Problems happen. Be as cool as possible (and fix the problem). 

3. Being positive is good, but it's even better if we can still be more Positive. 

4. Don't take things for granted. Especially that of close friends. 

5. We are on the way. For life is a journey. Enjoy. 

6. Make friends, not war. 

7. To smile more - even though I'm not angry (yeah, I'm adding this cos I realised many people think I'm always angry even when err, I'm sometimes just joking. LOL!!!)

There are many more things that I've experienced the past 6 months, apart from learning/ re-learning these. 

But that is for another time. Maybe the next post? :)

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  1. IM DOUBTING THE NO.7! lol! the way u tweet doesnt seem u're such person aye?? hehehe.. btw, maybe tweet n in real person is diff huh.


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