Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Thinking Of The Sweet Memories

Been very busy and exhausted the past few days. The organising of the Launch of The Malaysia Page and co-ordinating the whole site do take quite a lot of time and effort... (just like any other project) and it do get me a lil exhausted.

Somehow tired, but I tried to focus and think of something inspiring.. and I got this: just like the Batik Inspirations book, I too was very tired from productions to promotions.. but if I can humbly say, it's due to the hardwork that now it is being paid off :)

And that is a sweet memory which I am applying here - that again, there is hardwork, but Im sure it will eventually pay off someway or rather. And I definitely would like to share it with you guys sometime soon :) Just thinking of that do sounds refershing & takes off the tiredness! :)

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