Monday, January 15, 2007


I was working for a few short hours over the weekend. Although I have only given myself a short period of time to do my work, but I really wanted to get my work completed.

Hence, I first set my goals for the day (or for that few hours) - first by writing them down. I was quite impressed that I achieved the goals quite easily. Looking back, I guess it was because when I've written the goals, it kept me on track.

What I've learnt over the weekend is that with goals set, it is so much more efficient, and more importantly it makes me focus and achieve whatever I've set to do.

This actually reminded me of the time I set my timeline for the Batik Inspirations book as well ( It was quite amazing to have achieved the target of putting all materials for the book within 3 months, which includes the conceptualising of a new and different book, photoshoot, arrangement with the designers, and artwork/ layout. When I told friends and including some from the industry bout the timeline, many were impressed, and so was I (and still am)... it just shows that by setting goals & writing them down, it increases productivity and efficiency... and finally achieving!

Hence, my aim now is to continue to get the momentum running... by really setting what I want to do this year, espeically with our new label, Q.Ce out, and I think it is also about time to get a second book published this year!

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