Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm A Winner!

I'm a Winner! Oh yes, I am. And I wanna share to the world bout it! Haha!

I know it sounds boastful.. but hey, don't get me wrong.

It's just me being full of excitement and all.. and well the need to share it out :)

First off, I got first placed for Domino's Pizza Bear-A-Selfie contest! It's not often that I join contests, and I haven't won much from them either.

But when I saw this bear contest by Dominos.. I knew I had to join! (a bear has got to do what a bear has got to do!).

I submitted a few entries for this (including the ones where I went for the WorldCup Viewing Party). But minus those submitted on that day... I had 2 other entries.

One was taken when I bought the pizza and the football bear merchandise.

The other, I again bought the pizza. Got it delivered.. and then got my make-up artist friend, Konji, to help me out with the make-up. It took a good 2 hours plus for this to be done (make-up plus photography - oh yes we took many shots!).. but I'm happy with the results!

And hooray cos the judges like it too! And so.. I won the 1st prize of 1 year supply of XTRA Large Pizza!!!

The 2nd "win" I'd like to share is... well, I've been interviewed by Men's UNO for the 2nd time. This time round, it's a feature under the segment -  Modern IT Geeks!

Managed to capture a pic from the shoot, though I think this will not be used in the feature. 

The feature will be out in September. Call that a birthday gift! Oh, I can't wait! :)

Now, the 3rd "win".... is well, I got a new job. And guess what... it's not in KL but in Shenzhen, China instead!

The confirmation of the job and all is pretty fast, and in less than 1 week, I'll be moving once again to a new place altogether (I was previously based in Singapore for 8 years). 

More about the attraction about moving abroad and the new job in the coming posts. But for now, these are just some of the stuffs that makes me feel... like a real Winner! (humming to the song "I believe I can fly"...).

*My 1st Men's UNO feature can be read here: Oh Wow, I'm In Men's UNO Top 20 KL-ites!

*Read about my move from Singapore to KL in 2009 (Oh yes, I've been in KL for 5 years!)


  1. Congrats! Just wondering since you are starting a new life in China, what happens to your one year free supply of Domino's pizza? :D

  2. All the best, take care there. Dunno when I'll get to see you again. Sobssss!!! Sobssss!!!!

  3. hi, i m dropping by again after a few years...all the best in ur new career!


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