Monday, August 19, 2013

Pork Pizza And Pork Burger (By Skippys Pizza)

Pizza burger.

Wait, what? If you are like me - thinking that you are hearing things.. well, you aren't. There is actually such food in Malaysia!

My friend who works near this restaurant introduced me to this restaurant - Skippys Pizza, which has a tagline of non other "The Real Pork Pizza Co.". 

Initially, I was a lil skeptical.. reason I've never eaten a pork pizza before. But, I trust my friend's taste (she highly recommended it).. and so there I was in this cosy Australian inspired restaurant (one will see the kangaroo posters displayed). 

The good food here - well, the pizza of course. The crust is crunchy and thin but what I like is the toppings, which came in rather big chunks - which means this restaurant wasn't stingy on its meat! :)

Oh btw, the pizza is best eaten with.. chilli! 

Since the pizza was a lil "heavy", we ordered some chicken wings on the side to compliment it. These were the only 2 orders I ordered on my first trip at the restaurant. 

But I was back again.. and the next round, I had the pork burger. Initially expecting a small lil burger from the kitchen, but what came out is actually a rather huge serving of burger - with a meat that's already mixed with cheese. The taste - awesome!

Btw, as we ordered the lunch set, the food came with orange juice.. and the pricing was pretty ok (below RM15 per person). 

The only setback of this outlet is probably the location where the parking lot is quite expensive, and probably the reason why I've only gone here twice though I do like the food lots. But hey, they also do delivery which I may just try someday. 

*Phileo Damansara 1
9 Jalan 16/11
Off Jalan Damansara
107 Blok D
43650 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 019 2509347, 03 79312555

*Opening hours
Monday - Friday 1130am - 10pm
Saturday 3pm - 10pm

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