Friday, August 30, 2013

A Lil On Pattaya Beach (And Central Festival Mall)!

"Can we see the beach?" I remember asking my buddies when we were at Pattaya. 

A shot at the beach was like a must - just to show that "I've been there". 

And so, on my 2nd day (and last day) in Pattaya, I did managed to do that! While on the way to the Central Festival Mall, I alighted from the car - just to walk along the beach.. for just a lil bit. And err yeah, to take some shots too. 

The Pattaya beach reminds me very closely to that of Phuket. A long stretch - with many foreign tourists (they call them the 'farang' :) ). 

As the sun was hot, I didn't do that much.. Similar to a lot of Asians, I guess sunbathing wasn't my thing. Besides, I had to catch up with my friends for lunch at the mall. 

Love how well kept the beach area is. Feels like a scene in the movies heh
But well, I got some nice postcard like shots! :)

A picture to remember the beach.. whenever I'm too stressed at work, this will come in handy ;)
Anyway, I walked to the Central Festival mall (which is just opposite the beach) - and honestly, I didn't expect it to be that huge. But I should have expected - cos to me, whenever Thailand does something.. they kinda do it in a "grand way". 

The inside of the mall feels familiar to those malls in Bangkok - carrying quite a range of middle to high end brands and a list of eateries. 

We settled for AKA Japanese restaurant - a value for money BBQ buffet. We meat eaters chose a load of meat - from pork to beef, and seafood too! Oh yummms!

I guessed we spent quite a fair bit of time there - and were really full from all of the eating!

After lunch, we took a breather at the "balcony" overseeing the sea. Guess that's like our "parting shot" of Pattaya! :)

*I actually managed to buy some stuff at Central Festival. I got myself a fluffy Monsters University Sulley pillow from Toys R Us - which is not available back in KL and also a cute lil "hamster". I'll save those for another post :)

Pattaya Beach 333/99 M.9 Banglamung, 
Chonburi, 20260, Thailand 

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