Tuesday, March 06, 2012

KL Food Hunt: KL's Best Burger (Burger Om)!

My foodie friend once told me he went to hunt this 'very famous' ramly burger stall in Ampang.

He lost his way on his 1st attempt, but that didn't stop him to hunt the burger stall again.

He said that the reviews of the burger were spectacular.. so much do that a foodie like him has to try!

And while I'm on the hunt for good food around KL, I remember my friend and his burger journey. I thought to try it too!

Well like my friend.. it wasn't easy to locate the burger stall - maybe because of the unfamiliarity with Ampang. But then when we asked some locals bout the burger.. they didn't had much clue either (that despite the burger shop was only like less than 1km away).

Anyway, after bout 45 minutes of getting lost.. we finally saw that 7-11. And the stall was just in front of it.

Next surprise - no queue. A burger so 'famous'.. without any queue? *Scratch head..

Placed our orders we did.. and then, I watched the process the burgers were cooked. While I'm not particularly fussy bout cooking process - usually.. but this pakcik's cooking sure got me looking. For it is like oil here, oil there.. oil everywhere.

In fact, Aric got scared off by that that he didn't order any..

Anyway for the rest of us, well not judge the book by its cover, or the burger by its oil.. so next was to eat it!

Taste wise - I must admit that it was quite good.. tho not the best burger. The taste was good despite lacking the sauces like some other ramly burgers have.

But to say, that this is KL's best ramly burger.. or Malaysia for that fact.. well, that really depends. While to me it isn't, but buddy Ben says it is the best ramly burger he has tried.

Why not you be the judge? :)

*Om Burger
Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama

Opens daily after 9plus.

Contact: Encik Om 012 2264 522

Once you see Flamingo Hotel in the left, turn into Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama. You'll pass by Petronas on your right. Keep going straight on. The burger stall is further ahead on the left, in front of a 7-11.


  1. OMG, the patties are swimming in oil! *heart attack in the making*

  2. To each his own. I do not trust other people's tastebuds but my own haha!! Have yet to try this one, but I still love the one in Damansara Uptown! : )


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