Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Taking A Break & Getting That Dream Job

taking a break

6 years as an Entrepreneur. 

A fair bit of projects. 
Batik Inspirations, 50+1 Malaysia,, The BIG Bibik & The Little Nyonyas, Project O&O.

Countless roles. 
Office Boy to Sales. Marketing, to PR then to HR Manager. And more.

And now, 
I've decided to take a break. 

Not from fun projects 
or projects that I'm passionate about.

Those, I'll still do.
There's still Summer Love the series.
And other business plans.

But for now, 
it's a break from the main job. 

Time to recharge.
To learn more.
And (hopefully) worry less.

Hence, the search for the Dream Job. 

A job that I'm passionate about.
A job that I can learn (much) more.
A job that allows me to grow.
A job that allows me to still achieve my other dreams.

And I think I've found it.

dream job


  1. How long is your break? Come back quick!.... Time and Tide Waits for No Man.

  2. Wishing you all the best things in life...

    And may this not only be your dream job, but also your stepping stone to achieve other dreams as well.

    Go, go, QuaChee!! You can do it!! (^_^)v


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