Monday, December 26, 2011

I Went For The Transformers Ride (Universal Studio)!

Christmas weekend in Singapore? Jam. Crowd. That was what was in my mind.. I've read tweets the year before of where people got stuck in the North South highway and the 2nd link for hours..

So usually going to the island (city) on such occasion would be in my wildest dreams!

But then friends wanted to go.. and so I started to find some good reason to head south.

Well.. it didn't take me long to do so.. yeah, cos the Transformers Ride just opened its doors in Universal Studio!

This logo was at the floor of the queue. Nice floor! Haha!!

That is one good enough reason I believe!!

While some friends went into Singapore earlier, me and buddy Arico flew in on Christmas eve. And just after dropping our bags... we headed to the destination... Universal Studio Singapore!!!

new york, universal studio singapore
Im at New York!
The theme park is divided into a few segments like the Madagascar section, the Egyption section, New York section and the Faraway Land. And in each section, there are its special rides and performances.

I like the indoor ghost ride at the Egyption land, the Waterworld performance, the 4D Shrek movie and the Steven Spielbergs hurricane show.

The syiok-ness after the ride!!!

But nothing beats the Transformer Ride.. yeah not even the roller coaster rides with all it's twist and turns!!

We waited for a good 1.5 hours for the ride.. but that's one well worth wait!

The visuals are amazing, and the experience just wow-ing! We sat as one of the robots.. and was to help the Autobots!

So whacked and banged we had! Iwh and that was fun!!

One of the best parts is where we were falling from the high storey building.. think watching Spiderman jumping down the building but with the chair effects to boot!

That ride to me was enough for me to go to the Universal Studios (and for one big extend.. Singapore.. on a packed weekend!!). In fact, I'd say that if without that ride, the theme park (and the whole trip) would most probably be wayyyy less fun and exciting!!

So Transformers really 'saved' the day (and the human race)! Yay!!

Merry Merry Christmas, taken near the entrance of the theme park (@ Hollywood!)


  1. Wow... I am really looking forward to try on this ride. I am a bit worried of the chair movement really drastic? Thanks! I will be going on next weekend :)


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