Saturday, March 26, 2011

My First Tweetup! (By Iheartmy)

I went to my first #tweetup! What a late bloomer I know! Haha!!

Anyway, it was last Saturday and the this #tweetup organised by the guys behind @iheartmy . The event was held at the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Putrajaya.

You would say I was extra excited for this event.. well, partly cos its a #tweetup. But also because there was a lucky draw.. which was 2 tickets of half hour rides on the hot air balloon ride around (read: around!) Putrajaya! Wow, was I excited!

But that wasn't all that I was excited about.. I was excited to get my tee too!

You see, about this lucky draw.. To enter it, you need to get the #iheartmy tee! I've ordered mine the day before, and was excited to get it.. cos it is a personalised one!

You can see, it has my tweet profile, and all my followers too! If you are my follower, well, you are on that tee!! (told u there are benefits following me, hahaha!).

After collecting my tee, we were still a lil early and decided to jalan jalan around the festival area a bit, thinking of catching some pics of.. the hot air balloons!

However, as it was afternoon/ early evening, I didn't see any hot air balloons in the sky - not a single one tho it's reported to have over 20 or 30 throughout this festival :(

water balloons putrajaya hot air balloon
But that was made up for the 'water balloons'. It was quite a sight, though not in the air. And it looks fun too!

Got my friend, Eunice, & her friend to get into it, and try.. you can see, they sure had quite a ride..! :)

We didn't had that much time to play at the festival much... and soon was back at the #tweetup area. Friend, Jack, was into the food.. Hehe.

You can say the food.. wasn't too bad! Oops!

Anyway, waited for a bit more.. and soon, the moment of truth came... but I wasn't the winner (boo! Haha!). This is one of the winners, Pojiepooh. Congrats to this lucky dude got that ride up in the skies! :)

Though a lil disappointed of not winning that sky ride, but still, it was one fun day out.. seeing balls on water, getting that personalised tee, and making new friends! Hope for more fun #tweetups! :)


  1. I've never been to a tweetup before.. So can say I'm more of a later "bloomer" in comparison to you la. :D That sure looked like fun but I wasn't around that evening to join the tweetup.. Huhu.. I was angry I didn't get my hot air balloon ride (still a little angry when I think of it now) but hope to be able to catch one next year. Oh, that zorbing looks interesting..

    P/S: Got my avatar on that tee or not?

  2. If you are a late bloomer than I am a...what? Never-bloomer? Because I have never ever been to one. :p

  3. Awww....I love your T-shirt. Can I have one custom-made for me too. :p

  4. looks like fun!!! Too bad I have to miss it this time. :( Anyway, the ball-like thing on the lake looks scary...haha!! :P

    Love your new personalised tee. Is my picture in it? Hehe!!^^


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